Recommendations to Follow While Setting Up Sip Trunking Connections

SIP Trunking in nothing but VoIP and streaming media service which offers unified communication. It helps you establish a direct connection between Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) and the computer. With great savings, your investment with SIP Trunking would never go waste. You can anticipate substantial and returns on investment. So, here are some recommendations that need to be followed while setting up network connections.

Choose appropriate connection

You can either deploy a SIP trunk over the internet or a line that may not deliver bandwidth. Though the line is quite expensive, it offers reliability and security. But if your organization is used to lower call volumes and less stringent security standards, then you could opt for leased line shared with IP traffic that uses Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS).

Set up the VLAN through routing

Static routing between the router and Mediation Server is usually followed while setting up VLAN. In case you’re using a VPN server, then set up VLAN between the two servers (VLAN Server and Mediation Server).

Set path for packet transmission

Disallow transfer of packets from router to the VLAN. In case of a VLAN Server, don’t broadcast packets from the VPN server to the VLAN.

Block routing rules

Block rules that aid in directing traffic from router to any other location. But if you have a VPN server, then you should restrict rules that direct traffic from VPN server. In both situations, you should exclude Mediation Server.

Encrypt data

Finally, it is suggested to encrypt data by using Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE). Consider this tip only when you are using a VPN server for the SIP trunking connection.

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