Great Benefits You Can Reap From a Hosted PBX System

Hosted PBX systems have several benefits regardless of the business size. So, if you find it tough to deal with a standard phone system that consumes resources, then it’s time to shift the system to cloud based system. Here are some benefits your business can reap through hosted PBX phone system.

Extremely cost effective

As compared to legacy systems, you can foresee little expense with hosted PBX. You no longer need to tackle down times or repairs. Rather, everything would be managed by third-party vendors. Since hosted telephony uses the internet, you won’t have to think about improving the infrastructure.

Offers a range of capabilities

Hosted PBX improves online business communication as you progress ahead with your business. In fact, it makes communication easier through extensions, phone lines, and even establishing a connection with mobile devices. You won’t have to worry about the limitations which you had observed with traditional phone systems.

Cuts down time used for hiring resources

Ongoing maintenance of the PBX system would be taken care of by a phone system provider. You wouldn’t have to hire employees or spend time in training existing staff members. Your departments would experience more uptime because upgrades, repairs and maintenance would not be carried out within the premises.

Helps to resolve issues during disasters

If you are still using the legacy system, then a disaster or a major calamity can cause disruption. It decreases productivity and impacts external communications with clients. But, with a hosted PBX system, a hosted environment protects the infrastructure. You can still continue making calls even if there’s a breakdown.

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Recommendations to Follow While Setting Up Sip Trunking Connections

SIP Trunking in nothing but VoIP and streaming media service which offers unified communication. It helps you establish a direct connection between Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) and the computer. With great savings, your investment with SIP Trunking would never go waste. You can anticipate substantial and returns on investment. So, here are some recommendations that need to be followed while setting up network connections.

Choose appropriate connection

You can either deploy a SIP trunk over the internet or a line that may not deliver bandwidth. Though the line is quite expensive, it offers reliability and security. But if your organization is used to lower call volumes and less stringent security standards, then you could opt for leased line shared with IP traffic that uses Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS).

Set up the VLAN through routing

Static routing between the router and Mediation Server is usually followed while setting up VLAN. In case you’re using a VPN server, then set up VLAN between the two servers (VLAN Server and Mediation Server).

Set path for packet transmission

Disallow transfer of packets from router to the VLAN. In case of a VLAN Server, don’t broadcast packets from the VPN server to the VLAN.

Block routing rules

Block rules that aid in directing traffic from router to any other location. But if you have a VPN server, then you should restrict rules that direct traffic from VPN server. In both situations, you should exclude Mediation Server.

Encrypt data

Finally, it is suggested to encrypt data by using Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE). Consider this tip only when you are using a VPN server for the SIP trunking connection.

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Tips You Should Consider While Selecting a Toll Free Number

With several options available, you should select vanity numbers in sync to the marketing strategy. Consider the following points when you avail toll free number services.

Be meticulous

Check the company name and the message you want to deliver through your business. If you can’t meet your requirements with the name, then focus in picking up a number that clearly communicates what your venture actually deals in. Start searching through a database provided by renowned companies.

Be creative

Broaden your search if you can’t avail the desired vanity number. A little creativity would help you select the number effectively. List down words associated with your business. This would make it easier to restart from a different perspective.

Memorable & Simple

Select a vanity number that can be easily memorized and remembered. Customers shouldn’t be lost while they recall the number. We suggest you select numbers that comprise a linear sequence of digits. You can also opt for numbers which have repetitive digits. Seek an answer with numbers displayed on television ads or billboards. Something like 550 or starting with 6789 could be ideal for your business.

Think differently

It’s important to search beyond a range. This is because you would find it difficult to source a number starting with 800. Look for local versions when you avail toll free number services in Philippines. At many instances, the number would be apt even if it not related with the region.

Finally, don’t be disappointed. If you aren’t able to source the number within the two searches, then reconsider the tips and follow some other way. Feel free to contact us, if you have found a unique way.

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Top 4 Benefits of Using VoIP Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) helps users to make calls through the internet rather than conventional phone systems. It aids you to save on phone bills even when you are calling someone living half the globe away. So, here are some benefits you can foresee as you plan to improve business voice communication.

Saves more for international calls

Switching to VoIP can be the best decision. On the PSTN line, you actually have to pay for every minute. International calls become quite expensive. But, with VoIP services, you just have to pay for the internet that offers a decent speed through bandwidth. Though you have to speak more, the connection cost won’t differ. According to a study, 90% can be saved on international calls.

Uses less software and hardware

When you use such solutions, you only need to purchase a sound card, a microphone and a speaker. You can strike off the expenses for software because they can be downloadable from the web. When the phone network in running smoothly, you don’t need to buy a telephone set. As mentioned earlier, everything flows over the internet.

Helps for video chatting on apps

Since VoIP is based on the Internet Protocol, you can do more than just a verbal communication. Apart from video chatting, you can share documents, music files and videos even when you are in the middle of the conversation.

Helps for conference calls

On a usual telephone line, only two individuals can speak at a single instance. But, with VoIP solutions, you can actually involve an entire team just like a round table conference. Due to the capability of handling huge data packets, one access line can sustain many call receivers.

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Why Select Hosted Dialers to Boost Sales & Productivity

A sale is actually associated with service or product promotion on phones. Speaking with prospective customers can help to convince them better about the services. The quality of communication benefits the organization and thereby leads to maximizing the business potential. So, here’s how hosted dialer helps to boost sales and productivity.

Saves more money 

With the world wrangled by economy, hosted call center dialer help to cut down expenses? Dedicated hardware can be ruled out while the auto dialer feature eliminates productivity from getting hampered. Agents can skip wrong, not reachable and unavailable numbers. They can become more productive and spend more time with clients who are eager to purchase.

Helps to enhance control 

Hosted dialer services help in dialing numbers automatically and quickly. The dialing rates can be adjusted once the calls are monitored. This is accomplished by analyzing time spent per call and the call volume. Finally, the change helps to keep productivity at an optimum level.

Aids to reduce resources 

With cloud computing, once you deploy hosted dialing services, you no longer need to spend time on resources, IT professionals or hardware. The cloud offers instant and remote access even during emergencies and disasters. You would save on infrastructure because you only have to pay for monthly rent.

Improves Sales Campaign 

Marketers can focus more on campaigns while everything is organized for agents. Client relationship is strengthened through a database. Whenever a call is made, the agent can take the necessary action once he reviews the information stored against a particular client.

Hosted call center dialers can boost efficiency for call centers and other companies. The experience is wonderful when connectivity needs are met. You won’t have to break the bank account when you would need little hardware.

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Factors to Consider While Selecting Call Center VoIP Service Providers

VoIP is a key for business growth. While you can keep a tab on your business, you can easily connect with business partners and clients. So with this in mind, you should consider some factors apart from the price.


Before you plan to buy VoIP services, check the features you would be availing. Analyze the features and check if they are according to your business requirements. If you think you can sustain with few features, and then go for the VoIP system. Conference calling, caller ID, video calling, and call filtering are some of the features which VoIP offers. Make sure you have chosen the right system. If that’s not the case, then you would land up with something anonymous.

Service Plans

Always go for a plan that suits the purpose and business needs. If international and local calls have to be made from time to time, then select a plan that offers limitless perks. But, at the same time, ensure that it helps to cut down costs. On the other hand, go for something at a lesser price if your team is going to deliver services within the country.

Customer Service

The quality of the product can only be determined if it helps to deliver great customer service. Select a provider only when you’re sure about the services. Professionals should promptly attend to your queries when something goes wrong with the solution. Remember at any point of time, you would certainly require help.


Check and review call center VoIP tools even if you have a plan to buy VoIP system. Reading reviews help you what you need to buy. Most often, the reviews help for making decisions when VoIP system is concerned.

Well, these are the factors you should consider while selecting a service provider. Visit websites to know more about VoIP tools. Don’t hesitate to comment if you have something to share.

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